Про Бренд

BONE IDLE –  is a streetwear brand-cosmopolite founded in 2018 with the main goal of promoting the cult of a progressive personality and lifestyle “without regrets”, which reflects the main worldview trends of the modern world.

The brand’s mission – is to create clothes that will speak louder than their owners through urban design, bold statements and limited production.

BONE IDLE creates basic garments with smart-casual street aesthetics, and an emphasis on unisex positions that erases the lines of gender, as the main credo of modern and changeable fashion.
At the beginning of its existence, the brand appeared in more than 10 international media – Kaltbult Magazine, The Raw Magazine, The Editorial QC, Obscurae Magazine, En-Vie Fashion
and others 
with a publication of its first campaign being shot during the Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kyiv.

The brand promotes a transparent attitude in consumer policy through limited production and an exclusive approach in design. In addition to that, working with certified fabrics from European manufacturers creates a competitive product of a high quality that has already found its supporters not only among Ukrainian consumers but also among Western clients.